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Full Installation and Maintenance Services For
Medical Imaging Equipment Provided by
Expert, Brand-Specific Technicians

Now that your organization has invested in medical imaging technology, like MRI, CT, or X-Ray equipment, how will it protect that investment? How will your organization keep the equipment in good working order?

Titanium Medical has solutions for both challenges. Our expert team of technicians can support your imaging assets and provide a full complement of maintenance services.

Our medical imaging service options include:

  • Full service contracting
  • Preventative maintenance
  • On-demand services
  • Installation, deinstallation, transport and warehousing

Each level of service is detailed below.

Full-Service Contracting

Titanium Medical recommends full service contracting for our clients. A full-service contract provides maximum coverage for your imaging equipment and is available for one flat monthly payment. For organizations operating on an OpEx model, a full-service contract is easy to accommodate budget-wise.

With that flat monthly rate, organizations get the following:

  • Unlimited support calls. During a response call, our technicians will troubleshoot and repair any issue that can be managed onsite. If necessary, our technicians will also replace any failed components.

  • Priority response times. Clients with full coverage are given priority for service requests and placed at the front of the line.

  • The cost of parts. The cost of all replacement components is covered by your full-service contract. Replacement coils, boards, tubes, amps, detectors, tables, and all accessories may be replaced for no additional cost.

  • Quarterly preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance spots issues before they develop into downtime-causing problems. When it’s time for preventative maintenance, Titanium Medical will dispatch a technician to your facilities and inspect all covered equipment. During inspection, the technician will resolve any existing issues and evaluate the system’s performance. The technician will adjust the technology as needed to ensure optimal performance. This adds up to better image quality and better diagnostic capabilities.
You can think of a full-service contract as an insurance policy for your medical imaging equipment. For a monthly premium, your technology and its components are protected from extended failures – which can damage your organization’s bottom line and ability to image patients when it’s most needed.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance services can also be contracted separate from repair coverage. With a preventative maintenance contract in place, one of our technicians will be dispatched to your facilities quarterly. While onsite, they will correct any minor issues that can be easily resolved, but the focus is to inspect the equipment for potential concerns and optimize the system’s function. This will boost image quality and patient throughput.

With a preventative maintenance contract, the cost of each maintenance appointment is reduced.

If your organization requires rapid-response onsite support, a full-service contract can provide the coverage your organization is looking for. It’s also important to note that a preventative maintenance contract does not cover the cost of parts.

On-demand Services

We also provide as-needed repair services, without the need for a contract. Once a service request is made, we send an expert technician to your facilities, where they will troubleshoot and repair the problem.

When Titanium Medical receives an on-demand service call, we strive for immediate response times. However, our full contract clients do receive priority response, so on-demand clients may experience delays during high-call periods.

Installation, Deinstallation and Warehousing

Titanium Medical can also install, deinstall and provide logistical support for your medical imaging equipment. The installation and configuration processes are very involved and include transport and warehousing.

It is common for our technicians to disassemble, load, transport, and warehouse medical imaging systems for our clients. If your organization is switching facilities, our warehousing support ensures your equipment is safely stored until your new facility is available. Once available, we will transport the equipment to your facility, position it, install it, and configure it for optimal performance.

Experience, Integrity and Brand Expertise Set Our Technicians Apart

Sourcing, installing and maintaining medical imaging technology is a complex job, but even with this complexity, there’s no licensing or certification program dedicated to it. That’s a challenge for medical organizations, as there’s no easy way to identify reputable equipment providers.

In this area, there’s no substitute for experience. That’s what the Titanium Medical team provides – experience and a proven track record of client satisfaction. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and held to strict professional guidelines. We prioritize integrity with all of our client relationships and aim for a long-term partnership.

What also sets our technicians apart? Their brand-specific knowledge and experience. Titanium Medical is specialized in Toshiba and Canon imaging equipment. Our technicians possess OEM-level expertise with these brands, so if your medical facilities rely on Toshiba and Canon products, Titanium Medical can be your trusted imaging supplier and support partner.

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