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We Specialize in Toshiba and Canon Medical Imaging Equipment and Products

Titanium Med is an experienced, respected supplier of Toshiba and Canon branded medical imaging equipment. Our medical imaging products serve an array of Houston-area Texas facilities, including hospitals, emergency care units, and radiology clinics.

Listed below are the types and models of medical imaging products we offer.

MRI Equipment

Magnetic resonance imaging is the most common form of brain and spinal cord imaging and is invaluable as a diagnostic tool. In addition to MRI parts and service, we offer the following equipment models:

  • Titan – The Titan is a 1.5T system that’s designed with clinics, technologists, and patients in mind. For patients, the Titan offers a wide aperture, soft gantry lighting, an open-bore design and extremely low noise levels. This minimizes patient anxiety and improves exam acceptance.

    The Titan is also notable for its scalability. As clinic needs grow, it can be field upgraded from a 8-channel MR system to a 16 or 32-channel model. This expands clinic capabilities and can increase patient throughput.

    For technologists, the Titan’s M-Power software greatly enhances workflow, giving operators quick access to common functions. It can also be programmed to take on additional functions as your clinic’s imaging capabilities grow.

  • Atlas – The Atlas is a groundbreaking piece of 1.5T MRI technology. It was the first 128-element, RF-integrated MRI solution on the market. This means that the coils do not require repositioning follow most examinations. This greatly reduces time between scans and improves patient throughput.

    In addition, the Atlas offers several patient-friendly features, including the same noise-reducing feature (Pianissimo) found in the Titan. The Atlas can also be used in both short and wide-bore applications, and patients can be scanned feet first up to their chest.

    Also noteworthy, the Atlas has a strong reputation for its excellent image homogeneity. This homogeneity ensures technicians get a clean, accurate reading with every scan.

  • Vantage – Canon’s line of Vantage MRIs is one of the industry’s leaders. It comes with several impressive features, including optimized magnets, integrated RF coils and a gradient coil design. Together, these features provide superior image quality and homogeneity. Add in software-aided scan positioning and motion correction, and few MR systems can compete with Vantage in overall quality.

    The Vantage also comes with Toshiba’s top patient-friendly features, including Pianissimo and a tilting head coil design, which allows patients to keep their head slightly inclined while lying in the scanner.

CT Equipment

Computed tomography (CT) equipment uses a combination of X-ray emitters and computing technology to create detailed images of organs, bones, blood vessels and other internal structures. Titanium Med provides a comprehensive selection of CT parts, services, and systems, including:

  • Prime – The Aquilion Prime is ushering in the age of AI-assisted medical imaging. Its AiCE engine is the heart of the technology, using deep machine learning to sift out signal from noise. Along with minimal noise, the Prime’s AiCE technology can improve image texture, offer sharp high contrast resolution, and clear low contrast detectability.

    The Prime is also thoroughly protocol integrated. This, along with its Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) reconstruction feature, means the Prime offers excellent image quality while minimizing patient dosing.

  • Aquilion 16 – The Aquilion 16 is a 16-slice scanner built with an extremely quick gantry rotation time (about half a second). Its capture speed means it can produce several high-quality images in under a few minutes, so when seconds count, the Aquilion 16 is a cost-effective choice. It’s also a safe option, as it won’t dose the patient until the target area is reached.
  • Aquilion 32 The Aquilion 32 is a 32-slice CT machine that features the Quantum 64 detector. This multifunctional scanner provides high quality 3D images in less time.

  • Aquilion 64The Aquilion 64 is the only true 64-slice, 64-channel scanner on the market. It’s also engineered with volumetric reconstruction and 3D cone beam algorithms. Add it up, and the Aquilion 64 is built for speed, making it an excellent choice for emergency centers and trauma centers. Its small physical footprint and powered table also make it a good choice for smaller facilities.

Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Equipment

Catheter angiography imaging provides detailed information about the patient’s blood vessels, their health, and their ability to regulate blood flow. Compared to CT and MRI scans, catheter angiography can offer better detail and allows doctors to combine diagnosis and treatment during a single procedure. Titanium Medical can provide service and parts for your catheterization and angiography technology, as well as full systems, including:

  • Infinix-i Dual Plane – Toshiba’s Infinix-i Dual Plane solution is built with two C-arms, which can offer a major cost effectiveness advantage for clinics. That’s because the Dual Plane can perform peripheral and cardiac procedures in the same room, at the same time.

  • Infinix-i Biplane – The Infinix-i Biplane provides superior patient coverage and axis, with a floor-mounted C-arm that’s adjustable on 5 axes and offers head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip scanning capabilities. It’s ideal for biplane cardiological and neurological procedures and can be used as a single-plane scanner when biplane features aren’t required.

  • Infinix-i Core and Core+ (for Angiography) – The Infinix-i Core and Core+ are both suitable for a wide array of cardiological procedures, including angiography. The Core is built with a single plane C-arm and offers excellent cost efficiency. The Core+, like the Infinix-i Biplane, can pivot on five axes and offers technicians excellent ergonomics with its flexible monitor positioning.

X-ray Equipment

Although X-ray technology is normally used to image bones, it’s also an effective imaging option for soft tissues and organs. We can support your X-ray equipment with parts and service and provide full system installation or de-installation. Our X-ray equipment options include:

  • RADREX – Canon’s RADREX series is built for general radiography procedures and is available in a few models. This includes a ceiling-mounted model and a compact, floor-to-ceiling model. Each model can be paired with a motorized table and floating tabletop. They can also be paired with various generator models, with the goal to optimize flexibility and space.


  • Kalare – The Kalare offers unparalleled flexibility in positioning and imaging patients. Its 600-pound static limit (and 350-pound dynamic limit) can accommodate bariatric patients. The Kalare’s 21-inch aperture also helps with this. The entire X-ray can be angled up to 90 degrees, giving clinics additional procedural options. A reversible footrest, which can act as a motorized seat when the table is rotated, completes this effect.

Titanium Medical Offers Parts, Maintenance and Support for Medical Imaging Technology

Titanium Medical is an experienced provider of medical imaging solutions and support. If your facilities require new imaging technology or maintenance for existing imaging equipment, our technicians are ready to help. And if your facilities contain a large number of imaging assets, consider a long-term service contract through Titanium Medical. With an extended service contract in place, you’ll have a reliable equipment partner that can keep your imaging equipment in proper working order.

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