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We Maintain a Comprehensive Inventory of Medical Imaging Components and Parts

As an experienced and reputable supplier for medical imaging equipment, Titanium Medical keeps a full inventory of replacement components on hand. This includes replacement parts for MRI, CT, cardiac and X-ray imaging technology.

During an imaging system’s operating life, components are going to wear and eventually fail. These failures will result in poor imaging performance and extended downtime if not addressed.

We can provide the components – and the diagnostic, repair, and maintenance expertise – to ensure that doesn’t happen. If your organization needs assistance in installing these medical imaging parts, our expert team can get the job done. Below is a summary of the medical imaging replacement parts we can offer.

Titanium Medical is a Toshiba and Canon equipment specialist, so our replacement components are intended for these brands. The Toshiba and Canon models we can provide MRI replacement parts for include:

For these equipment models, we can provide the following replacement components:

  • Coils – An MRI’s coils are responsible for generating the magnetic field that MRI machines are associated with. They’re the component that picks up the radio frequencies emitted by the body during imaging. Therefore, no coil, no picture. And MRI coils manage to do this without posing health risks to the patient.

    Coils are available in a variety of designs, built for a variety of imaging procedures. We can provide RF, surface, volume, and extremity coils, among other options.

  • BoardsAs sophisticated pieces of technology, MRI systems operate using solid state circuitry. Like all circuit boards, the ones used in MRI equipment require occasional replacement. This includes processor boards, input boards and main boards, which we can provide.
  • Amps – MRI amplifiers include RF amplifiers and gradient amplifiers (for gradient coils). In both cases, amps are responsible for increasing the strength of the radio frequency without affecting the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Accessories – We also maintain a variety of MRI accessories that can improve patient comfort, patient accessibility, or system performance.

CT Replacement Parts

Titanium Medical is specialized in the following CT equipment models:

  • The Aquilion Prime
  • The Aquilion 16
  • The Aquilion 64
  • The Asteion

For the above models, we can provide the following CT replacement parts:

  • Boards – Every CT machine model operates using a unique set of circuit boards. We can provide replacement boards for the above CT machine models, including processing boards and input boards.
  • Tubes – Because CT machines rely on X-ray technology to function, they require the occasional tube replacement. Tubes are a common failure point for CT machines, and you may hear a humming or scraping sound coming from the machine soon before the tube fails.
  • Detectors – Opposite from the X-ray tubes are the X-ray detectors, which are used instead of the film you’d see in a conventional X-ray machine. Detectors don’t fail as often as tubes, but when they start deteriorating, so will image quality.
  • Accessories – In addition to the above critical components, Titanium Medical can also provide accessories for better patient comfort and positioning.

Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Replacement Parts

Toshiba manufactures a large range of cardiac imaging and angiography equipment – the Infinix-i series. The models we work with include:

  • The Infinix-i Dual Plane
  • The Infinix-i Biplane
  • The Infinix-i Core series (for angiography)

For these equipment models, we can provide the following Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Replacement Parts:

  • Positioners – Positioners, like they sound, are used to get the patient into the correct position for imaging. We offer a variety of positioners, including those used for the head, neck, torso and extremities.
  • Generators – Generators are responsible for converting electrical energy into X-rays, and they’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can provide replacement generators for Infinix-i cardiac imaging equipment.
  • Tables – Titanium Medical keeps an array of imaging tables on hand, including those designed for use with the Infinix-i series.
  • Digital – Digital X-rays, like those used with the Infinix-i series, rely on digital sensors for imaging purposes. If one of these sensors fail, Titanium Medical can provide a replacement for your model.
  • Accessories – We can also provide a variety of angiography accessories, including catheters, manifolds and more.

X-ray Replacement Parts

We also provide replacement components for a couple Toshiba X-ray models. They include:

  • The RadRex series
  • The Kalare series

For these X-ray models, we can provide the following X-Ray replacement parts:

  • Positioners – Positioners enhance patient comfort and accessibility. They also make it easier for imaging teams to get clear pictures. We can provide a variety of positioners for the RadRex and Kalare, for every imaging procedure.
  • Generators – X-ray generators contain the tubes that convert electricity into X-rays. As these tubes are responsible for channeling high voltages, they take on significant wear. We can provide replacements for the above models, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Tables – X-ray tables are built for comfort and better positioning, and many are motorized for even better patient accessibility. If your RadRex or Kalare table has failed and can no longer be positioned, we can provide a like replacement.
  • Digital – Modern X-ray machines use digital technology instead of film. This digital technology includes sensors that require occasional replacement. If your RadRex or Kalare has failing digital components, including sensors, we can offer a replacement.
  • Accessories – Titanium Medical also has an inventory of X-ray accessories, including filters, shields and more.

With a Full-Service Contract, the Cost of Replacement Components is Covered

Some replacement imaging components are expensive, and accounting for this cost can be an ongoing challenge if your organization is responding to failures instead of avoiding them. This is one reason why Titanium Medical offers a full-service contract option for our clients. Part of this contract is coverage for any replacement parts and the labor involved. If your facilities rely on Toshiba or Canon imaging equipment, a full-service contract through Titanium Medical will ensure that your medical equipment is protected from inevitable component failures.
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