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About Us

Titanium Medical Imaging specializes in the Toshiba niche so that when we arrive at your facility, you will know your equipment is in expert hands. Rapid response is fundamental to our business model and key strategy to our success. TMI provide faster uptime and excellent customer satisfaction. Your scheduled maintenance will be seamless and professional every time, and we will work around your
patient schedule.

Titanium Medical Imaging provides:
  • Nationwide full service contracts
  • T & M contracts
  • Room de-installations and turnkey installations
  • Equipment inspection and assessment for investment purchases

Contact us if you need any of the following:

• Toshiba Titan Parts
• Toshiba Titan Service
• Toshiba Atlas Parts
• Toshiba Atlas Service
• Toshiba Vantage Parts
• Toshiba Vantage Service
• Toshiba Excelart Parts
• Toshiba Excelart Service
• Toshiba Coil Sales
• Toshiba Loaner Coil
• Toshiba Aquilion 16, 32, 64 parts
• Toshiba Aquilion service
• Toshiba Infinix parts
• Toshiba Infinix service
• Toshiba Kalare parts
• Toshiba Kalare service
• Toshiba T-rad plus parts
• Toshiba T-rad service
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