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Your Expert Medical Imaging Equipment Team

Titanium Medical is an experienced medical imaging equipment supplier, serving the globe. We help medical organizations source and support their medical imaging equipment, with an expert team of technicians that takes pride in their work.

Our Services

We provide a full array of medical equipment support services, from installation to ongoing maintenance for your MRI, CT, X-Ray, Cardiac Catheterization And Angiography machines. We offer:

Full-Service Contracts

A full-service contract provides complete coverage for any contracted equipment. This means unlimited service calls, priority response times, quarterly preventive maintenance checks, and coverage for all replacement parts. All of this is available for a single monthly payment.

Preventative Service Contracts

To keep your medical imaging equipment in ideal operating shape, we can provide regular preventative maintenance services. During preventative maintenance, our technicians will inspect your equipment, verify that it’s operating properly, and calibrate it for optimal imaging performance.

On-demand Support

Don’t want to commit to an ongoing service contract? We can also provide support on an as-needed basis, with the same technical expertise that Titanium Medical is known for.

Installation and Deinstallation

Medical imaging equipment is bulky, heavy, and prone to damage if improperly handled. It takes a qualified team to handle this sensitive machinery, and the Titanium Medical team has experience installing, deinstalling, transporting and warehousing medical imaging technology. If your organization is bringing in new equipment or moving existing equipment to another facility, we can help.

We’re Toshiba and Canon Brand Specialists

There are several major manufacturers in the medical imaging space. Every manufacturer utilizes their own parts and processes, which means servicing this equipment requires in-depth brand knowledge.

Titanium Medical is a Toshiba and Canon brand specialist. We have years of experience working with their equipment and maintain an inventory of Toshiba and Canon-specific components.

If your organization relies on these brands, we’re a cost-effective alternative to bringing in an OEM specialist.


Why Do Clinics Choose Titanium Medical?

Our clients include nationally renowned medical facilities and organizations. Why do the best work with us?


We’ve provided reliable support and service to Houston-area medical facilities for years. In a field where certification and licensing aren’t present, this experience sets us apart.


The quality of our work speaks for us. We strive for long-term professional partnerships with our clients, and we earn those partnerships by providing an unmatched level of service.

Expert Brand Knowledge

We’re committed to Toshiba and Canon product lines, so we can provide OEM-level service for organizations that rely on those brands.
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